Anchor Seal Extrusion – Our newest patent pending Anchor-Seal* design has the advantage of withstanding higher temperatures and pressure as well as a more flexible contouring capability for auto-clave cures, all of our designs are considered for your project and the best design is selected following consultation to enhance your new RVB* systems.

Anchor-Seal Extrusion maintains 26 inches of vacuum at 175 PSI external autoclave pressures, these ratings exceed performance of any other RVB extrusions in the industry.

Auto-Vac Seal is a good choice for uneven tool surfaces to be used in oven or low pressure autoclave cures 25 PSI or less.

DeltaSeal- Is a one inch tall equal lateral triangle seal used for RVB systems using a framed top diaphram.

Anchor Seal Extrusion Anchor Seal Extrusion
Product Number Product Description
BP103CHK.5 Channel & Key Hole Combined
BP103CH.5 Channel
BP103K.5 Auto-Vac Key-Hole Seal
AS1000 Anchor-Seal 1 inch wide (Two Section combined Top/Bottom)
AS750 Anchor-Seal 3/4 inch wide (Two Section Combined Top/Bottom)
BPV101J Thermocouple Connector