Form-Fit Reusable Vacuum Bags

Form Fit Reusable Vacuum Bag

Formed Fit Reusable Vacuum Bags are utilized for complex parts to match the contours and eliminate bridging in critical tooling areas, pressure intensifiers can also be added to ensure sufficient pressure and smooth repetitive uniform part results. These RVB’s are utilized for complex tools, with irregular shapes and sizes that make conventional bagging difficult, wasteful and time consuming for the operator.

Positive Feedback: Developed and implemented contoured Reusable bagging systems on 145 laminating molds resulting in a 44% savings on vacuum bagging costs and a 50% reduction in repair rates for the production of 12,000 complex composite assemblies per year… The project for this major Aerospace Company resulted in an annual savings of 2 million dollars, not to mention the reduction in waste material accomplished by incorporating Reusable Bagging Systems

F-22 Inlet ducts were also made using our RVBS* and this major Aerospace company reported 274 cure cycles on one set of RVBS* installed on twenty tools, autoclave cure, with consistent results and no part losses with Bondline RVBS* Systems. In addition, our patent pending Anchor-Seal* system was utilized with the RVB process.

Our facility and RVB* Team are equipped and prepared to design and provide RVB* Tooling in our facility or yours, send us your tooling sketch with the cure cycle conditions and we will design and develop the best custom RVB system that will meet your project needs.