Bondline Products Corporation strives to provide manufacturers of Composite and Metal bond parts smooth consistent results while providing a cost savings and a reusable product in todays green society eliminating excessive waste material. Reusable Vacuum Bag systems have brought positive feedback from Aerospace users for curing composite and metal bond parts to 350/400F degrees. Converting tooling with Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems will reduce waste, increase production, save the tooling operator time and provide composite or metal bond parts with a precision smooth and consistent result with each repetitive cure… Reusable Vacuum Bags eliminate the need to use sticky tape and throw away bagging film for curing composite or metal bond parts, this method is time consuming and requires the operator to bag each part with out precision or consistent results. Sealed by hand, no two are alike; a test of the seal under these conditions of cure is not possible, and scrap parts due to vacuum loss, bag wrinkles and bridging are common set-backs with thin film bagging.

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