STRUX* Tool Seal

Strux - A Positive Tool Sealing System

A Positive Tool Sealing System
“We all know tooling doesn’t leak,
but sometimes porosity is a problem!”

STRUX® is a positive tool sealing system used to stop leaks in composite/metalbond tooling used for curing parts in autoclaves or ovens to 400 Deg F.

Physical Data  
Color: Light Gray
Solids: 70%
Thinner: VMP Naptha
Cure: 23 Hrs. R.T. after last coat
Post Cure: 1 Hr at Tool Limit, Max. 450 Deg F
Hardness: 50 shore ‘A’
Bonds aggressively to most clean surfaces
Sealing Action: STRUX® enters micro leak paths, bonds and expands slightly during each cure cycle.
Caution: Allow two hours between coats. Always allow 24 hours after last coat before Post Cure or use.

STRUX® Tool Sealing System, applied to eight BOEING C-17 Composite tools on a “No Cure/No Pay” basis. All passed a Helium leak rate test and continued autoclave use.

Strux Tool Sealing System applied to eight BOEING C-17 Composite Tools

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